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About Golden Oldies Rugby

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The roots of Golden Oldies Rugby
Once upon a time, rugby was the domain of fit, young men.

In 1979 that all changed when New Zealand Rugby Union Councillor, Tom Johnson came up with the idea of Golden Oldies. And with it, the staging of the 1st Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival for players 35 years and older.

The event proved a huge success and over the years, the Golden Oldies Movement has gone from strength to strength - building relationships with masters sportspeople, players, officials and supporters across the world.

Today the Golden Oldies ethos remains the same.

It's all about having fun, while also latching onto the desire of people over the age of 35, with no upper end age restriction, tying in their sport with international travel. The notion of ‘Fun, Friendship and Fraternity’ is still central to the whole concept and it will always will be!

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